Young Artist Orchestra Audio Recording Orders

This is the official form to order audio recordings of the Young Artists Orchestra for the 2021 Season.

All recording orders will be distributed as high quality MP3 files. Eastern Music Festival will deliver the file(s) through WeTransfer. You will receive an email with a link to download your purchase.

Each piece is $6.00. If you order 4 or more pieces, they will be $5.00 each. All proceeds support the EMF Scholarship Fund.

Orders received and paid in full by August 31, will be delivered by email in early September. Orders after that date will be processed as soon as possible.

Participant Surveys

Congratulations! The 2021 Festival was a success! We hope your EMF Experience was all that you hoped for and more. We want to hear from you – please complete the Participant Survey for your EMF program. Your feedback matters!

Questions? Contact Admissions! ➡️

Melissa M. Edwards, D.M.A.
Director of Education and Admissions

Phone: 336-333-7450, x227
Fax: 336-333-7454


2021 Photo Files

Any use of EMF photography must be credited as “Photo courtesy of Eastern Music Festival (2021)” – thank you!

2021 Contact List

Stay in touch with each other and be sure to follow EMF on social media!

Young Artists Orchestra Parts

Access to the Young Artists Orchestra parts is below. Find your assigned part below, download the PDF, and start working on your music! 🎼 You will be expected to play excerpts from your parts at the Placement Auditions on Monday, June 28.

Questions? Contact Admissions! ➡️

Melissa M. Edwards, D.M.A.
Director of Education and Admissions

Phone: 336-333-7450, x227
Fax: 336-333-7454


Student Check-in and Arrivals are June 25 - 26

Approximately 275 students, staff, and faculty will be coming to EMF over several arrival days. Everyone is required to isolate in their campus room or local housing until they receive their first negative COVID-19 test result. All EMF participants (students, faculty, staff) must show proof of receiving a COVID-19 vaccination prior to arrival. Each arrival day has been carefully planned with appropriate health and safety measures in place. Our goal is to have everyone ready to go for the first day of auditions. Every member of our community will practice EMF’s health and safety guidelines. Together, we hope to experience a successful and safe Festival experience during a global pandemic.

Pre-Arrival to-do list

  • Complete and return all required forms
    • Refer to your earlier memos and materials.
  • Complete and acknowledge EMF Code of Conduct 
  • Complete StarMed COVID-19 Pre-Screening Forms [URL]
  • Submit completed COVID-19 Vaccination Card by June 4, 2021

Arrival on Guilford College campus

Attention: please do not travel to EMF/Guilford College if you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.

All EMF participants will arrive to campus June 25 & June 26, 2021.

Guilford College map 📍

Central Check-in

All EMF participants will check-in at the Milner Residence Hall south lawn on their confirmed arrival date.

This check-in process is required of all EMF participants and will include a baseline COVID-19 screening and distribution of housing keys and Quaker Card.

  • Masks (no gaiters, bandanas) and physical distancing will be required by everyone involved for the entire check-in and move-in process.
  • Do not unload your vehicle prior to check-in. You may be assigned a location that is not near Milner Residence Hall.

COVID-19 Screening

Each arriving participant will proceed from check-in to the testing area for their COVID-19 screening.

EMF’s asymptomatic screening program is managed and processed by StarMed

Pre-screening information:

Questions about the COVID-19 screening process can be emailed to:

All EMF participants will participate in random surveillance screenings over the course of the Festival. The initial arrival screening will allow each participant to continue the check-in process to pick up their keys for their Festival room assignment and/or housing and their Quaker Card.

  • The Director of Education (for students) or the Director of Operations (for faculty/staff) will follow up with participants on scheduling and managing their subsequent testing during the Festiva

Room Keys

Once screened, participants will receive their housing key and Quaker Card and then proceed to their respective housing location to move-in.

Quaker Cards

Each EMF participant will receive a Quaker Card with an ID holder. The Quaker Card is your access for meals on campus (Founders Hall), residence hall access, and admission to some concerts.

Lost Quaker Cards must be reported to the Education Office and will result in a replacement fee of $50.


Each EMF participant will receive a lanyard with an ID holder to safeguard your Quaker Card and keys. Participants must have this lanyard with them and visible at all times when on campus and when accessing EMF campus facilities.

Move-In Instructions

Please note: Masks and physical distancing will be required throughout the entire check-in and move-in process.

Welcome staff will be available in each dorm to greet participants, provide information and manage concerns.

Quaker Cards will indicate participant’s access to assigned housing to the welcome staff; this card must be visible at all times (use the provide lanyard!)

Only one adult/parent will be allowed to assist with participant move-in.

In order to limit density, participants must move through the testing and key pick-up process without guests. It will take each person approximately 15 to 30 minutes to get through the process.

Guest(s) may be on campus grounds so long as they follow masking and physical distancing protocol.

Guests may use public restrooms available for guest use on the first floor of Milner Residence Hall or at Founders Hall.

Guests (including parents) may NOT:

  • Use EMF airport shuttles
  • Visit their student in their arrival quarantine location
  • Stay overnight in any student’s room

Dining & Meals

  • During arrival days, meals may be eaten in the cafeteria or grab-and-go
  • Quaker Cards can be used at the campus cafeteria (in Founders Hall)
  • Students may not use any meal ordering apps while in arrival quarantine.

COVID-19 Screening Information

All must participate in the COVID-19 screening process during the Festival. Test results will be managed through StarMed.

StarMed will send notification to the mobile phone number provided within approx. 24-48 hours. Should positive test results be reported, StarMed will notify the Guilford County Department of Public Health and EMF administration for immediate follow-up.

Participants Who Have Tested Positive for COVID-19 Before Arrival

If a participant tests positive within the two weeks before arrival, they must provide medical clearance from their home provider indicating that they are cleared from isolation status and can safely return to the community.

Please contact the Direct of Education (for students) or the Director of Operations (for faculty/staff) and update them of your status.

Participants Who Have Been Vaccinated for COVID-19

All EMF participants (students, faculty, staff) are required to show receipt of a completed COVID-19 vaccine. All EMF participants will still need to participate in the testing program at the prescribed cadence. In addition, COVID-19 vaccinated participants must still participate in the arrival isolation until their tests results are received.

Positive-Test Result Isolation

If a participant receives a positive COVID-19 test, they will need to move to an isolation room in their assigned dorm building.(Commuter students will isolate at home.)

    • Isolation separates those who test positive from people who are not sick.
    • Quarantine separates and restricts the movement of those who may have been exposed to see if they become sick.

Participants going to isolation will have one (1) hour to place their belongings in their room and proceed to isolation.

    • Meals will be delivered to the isolated resident for the duration of their isolation (approx. three days, on a case by case basis).

Each isolation room will have towels and bedding. Students should pack enough masks, personal items, and clothing and toiletries for three days.

EMF respects everyone’s privacy and will not publicly share medical information.


  • Information about moving to isolation will be available at check-in.
  • Participants are expected to remain in their room with the door closed throughout the isolation period.
  • Each room will be equipped with instructions for isolation, as well as emergency contact numbers.
  • Students will receive a welcome bag (with snacks and activities) upon arrival to isolation, and staff will be available to answer questions and assist with concerns.

Meals in Isolation

Meals will be delivered to students’ isolation dorm room three times a day (approx.)

Students will not use food delivery apps to order meals while in isolation.

Release and Return to Room Assignment

It is likely that students will receive their COVID-19 screening test results via email before receiving an official notification from EMF about being released from isolation. Students must remain in their isolation location until they receive an email from the EMF nurse on-duty or the EMF Dean’s Office notifying them of their official release time.

Transmission and Symptoms of COVID-19

COVID-19 is mostly spread by respiratory droplets released when people talk, cough or sneeze, and particularly when they sing. People in close proximity may inhale these droplets, resulting in virus transmission from one person to another. While the risk of contracting COVID-19 from touching a surface is low, it is possible to contract COVID-19 by touching your mouth, nose, or eyes. Safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines are the most effective way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and all people eligible for a vaccine should get one. In addition, other personal prevention practices (such as wearing face coverings, physically distancing, handwashing and staying home when sick) and environmental cleaning and disinfection are also important principles.

Symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure to the virus. Those with COVID-19 have reported a wide range of specific and non-specific symptoms of COVID-19.

People with these symptoms may have COVID-19, including but not limited to:

❑ Fever* or chills

❑ New cough

❑ Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

❑ Fatigue

❑ Muscle or body aches

❑ New loss of taste or smell

❑ Sore throat

❑ Congestion or runny nose

❑ Headache

❑ Nausea or vomiting

❑ Diarrhea

*Fever is defined as a measured temperature of 100.4 °F or greater


Where do I go if I do not feel well?

EMF Nurses on-duty are located in Milner Residence Hall.

Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Monday – Friday; 3:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Monday and Wednesday

Additional medical care is available at Richter Family Medicine within walking distance from campus (5500 W. Friendly Ave., Suite 201, Greensboro, NC 27410. Phone: 336-897-0004)

Monday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Tuesday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Wednesday 7:00 a.m. – Noon


Thursday 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.


Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.



We are so excited to welcome you to Eastern Music Festival this summer! Please review the following information materials and submit the required final forms.

Everything you need to know to plan your EMF EXPERIENCE is all here!

Read this first! It has everything you need to know before submitting the Questionnaire and Health Forms.

Required to complete. Please submit by May 14, 2021.

Required to complete. Please submit by May 14, 2021.