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June 22 – July 27, 2024

ArtsGreensboro announces Re-entry Grant Awards for local arts organizations

EMF logo Photos 1                                                            By: Jordyn Whitted

GREENSBORO, NC—ArtsGreensboro has announced that 23 local organizations have been awarded a Re-entry Grant to help recover and plan for post-pandemic services. The Re-entry Grant Program, supported by contributions to the ArtsFund campaign, provides operating or program support for established arts organizations in the Greensboro community.

There were $205,000 of available funds, with the awards ranging from $5,600 to $10,700. Re-entry grant funds are intended to support personnel operation, technology upgrades and other operational experiences.

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The grantees include:

  • Art Alliance of Greensboro
  • Center for Visual Artists
  • Community Theatre of Greensboro
  • Creative Aging Network-NC
  • Dance Project, Inc.
  • Downtown Greensboro, Inc.
  • Eastern Music Festival
  • Elsewhere
  • Forge Greensboro
  • GreenHill Center for North Carolina Art
  • Greensboro Ballet
  • Greensboro Downtown Parks, Inc.
  • Greensboro Literary Organization
  • Greensboro Opera Company
  • Magnolia House Foundation, Inc.
  • Music for a Great Space
  • North Carolina Folk Festival
  • Reconsidered Goods
  • Shared Radiance Performing Arts Company
  • The Choral Arts Collective Inc
  • The Music Academy of North Carolina, Inc.
  • Touring Theatre of North Carolina
  • Triad Pride Performing Arts