Celebrating 63 Years of Inspired Music Making!

June 22 – July 27, 2024

Bess Newton

Shoulders and up up headshot of Bess Newston, smiling. Black studio photography background.

BESS NEWTON, a seasoned fundraising professional and nonprofit executive, recently joined EMF as the Director of Development. After earning her Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the University of North Carolina at Asheville, Bess embarked on a successful nonprofit career that has spanned two decades. Her experience includes serving as the lead staff liaison for donor-advised funds with the East Tennessee Foundation, bringing valuable insights and expertise in fund development back to her work with nonprofit organizations in North Carolina.

With a passion for creative endeavors and music education, Bess is well prepared to engage the community and partner with donors to elevate the mission of Eastern Music Festival in Greensboro and beyond. As a resident of Greensboro, NC, along with her wife and children, she enjoys walking in her neighborhood and on local trails, inventing new recipes, and wrangling their menagerie of dogs (and a cat). Bess is already immersing herself in the EMF community, drawing inspiration to dust off her childhood piano and cello from high school. Her focus will be working with individuals, businesses and corporations, and philanthropic organizations to further the mission of EMF.