Paola Budani

Photo torso up of Paola Budani, posed against white wall as a background.

PAOLA BUDANI (pianist) has been active in many concerts and festivals globally including the Chopin Fest Pristina ‘Juvenis Scene’ in Pristina, Kosovo; the ‘Nei Suoni Dei Luoghi’ Festival in Udine, […]

Andrew Chen

Andrew Chen posed headshot outside in front of stone wall. Wearing a black suit jacket and tie.

Taiwanese-American pianist ANDREW CHEN has amassed a diverse range of accomplishments in classical music, encompassing solo and orchestral performance, collaborative duos, chamber music, and contemporary opera. He studied piano with […]

Melanie Ferrabone

3/4 Headshot of Melanie smiling and holding her bassoon in her left hand. The portrait is cropped in close and taken outside, and the background is trunk of a tree that Melanie is posed in front of.

MELANIE FERRABONE (contrabassoon) is originally from Panama and currently resides in Miami Florida. Ferrabone is presently a 3rd year Doctoral Candidate at the University of Miami, Frost School of Music […]

Angela Fiedler

ANGELA FIEDLER (violin) holds a bachelor’s degree in violin performance from Purchase Conservatory of Music. From Middletown, NY, Fiedler has studied with Marka Young, David Fiedler, Ragga Pettursdottir, Gerardo Ribeiro, […]

Skylar Hansen

3/4 headshot of Skylar Hansen against brick wall backdrop.

SKYLAR HANSEN (violin) is an active orchestral violinist and chamber musician based out of Cincinnati, OH. She has performed in various notable orchestras including the Nashville Symphony, National Orchestral Institute […]