Celebrating 63 Years of Inspired Music Making!

June 22 – July 27, 2024


Eastern Music Festival (EMF), Greensboro’s nationally recognized classical music festival and summer educational program, will feature a signature performance on Wednesday, July 6th, in Dana Auditorium at Guilford College, in dedication to the memory of EMF board member and Greensboro local, Dr. Dennis W. AsKew.

Dennis AsKew was well-loved by students and faculty at UNC-Greensboro, EMF, and the music community throughout the Triad. He was filled with light as he helped people, stood for education and the arts, and honored all students he encountered. Dennis AsKew was also known for his warmth, compassion, and active engagement while he served as an active member of the EMF board and other arts organizations throughout his life.

The night of dedication will feature Demondrae Thurman and Aaron Tindall, EMF Faculty Artists, playing selections of music by Anthony Barfield and Sergei Prokofiev followed by selections from the EMF Euphonium-Tuba ensemble, and culminating in a performance with the NC Brass Band led by Dr. Brian Meixner. Demondrae Thurman, a friend and colleague of Dennis writes:

“Losing Dennis so suddenly was shocking and left a huge void in me. He was such an incredible presence and supporter of all thing’s euphonium and tuba. He hosted our international conference in 2002 and gave me my first opportunity to play as a soloist with the professional orchestra. I’ll always be indebted to him for that. This will be one of many times that I honor him through music and it’s my hope that the community that he serves so well will come to the concert to help us remember this great man.”


The North Carolina Brass Band (NCBB), a 28-member ensemble, will include “selections meaningful to Dennis during his time with the NCBB and feature Demondrae Thurman and Aaron Tindall as soloists,” Brian Meixner, the Executive and Music Director of NCBB, says. AsKew was an integral part of NCBB as he was the principal tuba player since their founding. “Dennis was adored by all who knew him, a generous and kind spirit who loved his family and was genuinely friendly to everyone. He was a masterful musician, a leader in the band and admired by his fellow members.” In the second half of the concert with the NCBB, Dennis Askew’s son, Alex AsKew, will conduct a piece in the program.


The season will also feature a recital by Young Artists of the Euphonium-Tuba Institute on Saturday, July 9th at 4pm in Carnegie Room, Hege Library at Guilford College, sponsored by The Tuba Exchange. All Young Artists recitals are free and open to the public.