Year-Round Staff Positions

There are no year-round positions open at this time.

Summer Staff Employment

Come work with us next summer! Being a part of Eastern Music Festival is rewarding. Each position is highly valued and provides professional experience in each area of expertise. Summer staff positions for the 2022 season will be posted later in 2021.

To apply for summer staff positions, please submit the EMF Application Form with your materials.


EMF’s counseling staff ensures the physical and emotional well-being of EMF students and contributes to a positive learning environment. By consistently implementing established policies, addressing student concerns, resolving conflicts, and providing needed services, counselors play an important day-to-day role at the Festival.

Student Counselor greeting young musician on check-in day.
Credit: Julie Averette for Eastern Music Festival (2019)

Media and Communications Associate

In partnership with the Campus Greensboro Fellows Program. The Media and Communications Associate serves EMF as a key summer team member, working under the close supervision of the Media and Communications Director and other EMF administrative staff. The Media and Communications Associate supports the Festival for ten weeks*: during pre-season (May 31 – June 25), during the five-week Festival (June 26 – July 31), and during post-season wrap-up (August 1 – 6), all with flexible hours depending on Festival schedule, events, performances, and content needs.

media conversation with a camera man at EMF
Credit: Julie Averette for Eastern Music Festival