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Why Give?
When you give to Eastern Music Festival, you help enrich the lives of young musicians from across the world through extraordinary musical experiences and innovative educational programming.

How To Give

Making a gift in honor, or in memory, of a loved one is a heartfelt way to celebrate their commitment to music in our community. You can support EMF Young Artists with a financial contribution via any of the methods outlined below.

Mail Your Check

Checks should be made out to Eastern Music Festival.

Eastern Music Festival
P.O. Box 22026
Greensboro, NC 27420


Call Us

To make a donation by phone, call us at 336-333-7450, ext. 223.

young black man playing piano and laughing with older white man in blue shirt enjoying the music
Credit: Julie Averette for Eastern Music Festival (2019)

Donate Online

You can make a one-time gift or donate monthly online with your credit card. EMF accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Financial contributions to EMF are tax-deductible.

Make Your Gift Today

Sponsor a Student

Sponsored scholarships of any amount support the musical education of talented rising artists. 80% of EMF young artists receive merit or need-based scholarships each season.

➡️ Establish your scholarship gift today.

Other Ways To Give

Stock Donation

You can sell your stock and donate your gains to EMF, or you can donate securities directly for a bigger deduction and donations to EMF.

Matching Gifts

Employers often match employee donations to charities. If your company has a matching gifts program, please contact your Human Resources office and complete the proper paperwork for submission to EMF. 

Planned Giving

Placing EMF in your will, trust, or annuity ensures young musicians will continue to receive innovative educational programming and life-long memories for generations to come.

Amazon Smile

When you shop at, Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to us. Simply sign up, choose Eastern Music Festival from the list of available charities, and start shopping!

Young musicians violas group
Credit: Eastern Music Festival

2021 Annual Campaign Donors


($50,000 & Above)

  • North Carolina Arts Council


($20,000 - $49,999)

  • Anonymous
  • ArtsGreensboro
  • Joseph M. Bryan, Jr.
  • Guilford County


($10,000 - $19,999)

  • Jacqueline Humphrey
  • Debby and Ken Miller
  • Rose Schiff and Family
  • Jody and Gerard Schwarz
  • The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro


($5,000 - $9,999)

  • Maxine and Harvey Colchamiro
  • Barbara Cone
  • Judie Davie-Wright
  • Judith and Carey Donaldson
  • Laura B. and Christopher C. Tew


($2,500 - $4,999)

  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Mary and Gus Magrinat
  • Kathy Manning and Randall Kaplan
  • Dabney and Walker Sanders
  • Well-Spring


($500 - $2,499)

  • Adrianne Achee and Mark Delesdernier, Jr.
  • Alicia and Bill Allred
  • Susan and Fred Chappell
  • Andrea and Michael Corbett
  • David Dollins
  • Marya and Jason Fancey
  • Sandi Fields
  • Lou Anne Flanders-Stec and Robert Stec
  • Karen and Lawrence Fridkis
  • Margery Gates
  • Robin and David Gitlin
  • Sandra and Erwin Goldman
  • Peter Guthmann
  • Bart Kincaid and Tim Taylor
  • Deborah Kintzing and Marc Samet
  • Rascha and Dr. Robert Kriegsman
  • Robin and Timothy Lane
  • Robert Loeb
  • Joseph Melvin
  • Barbara Morgenstern
  • Caroline Panzer
  • J. Timothy Prout
  • Kathryn Ramsay
  • Kami Rowan and Christina Rama
  • SaraLee and Paul Saperstein
  • Pam and David Sprinkle
  • Marc Stadiem
  • Marjorie and Ray Sullivan
  • Suzanne Tritch
  • Mary Montgomery Tucker
  • Teresa and Jerry Vaughan
  • William A. Stern Foundation
  • Christopher L. Williams
  • Beverly and Pat Wright


(Up to $499)

  • Elaine Abrams
  • Susan and Daniel Acker
  • Patricia Adelberger
  • Heidi and Chris Aggeler
  • Barbara and Paul Albertson
  • Vincent Alventosa
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Ann and Charlton Austin
  • Cicily and Lee Backus
  • Pat Baker
  • Janet Balej
  • James Barber
  • Leo Barber
  • Kate Belden Schoff
  • Peggy and Nat Bernstein
  • Jodi Bilinkoff
  • Carolyn Billings
  • Hugh Black
  • Dorothy Blanchard
  • Amy Rose Bloomfield
  • Bernard Boatwright
  • Susan and Ralt Bohn
  • Phyllis and R. M. Bowden
  • Chester H. Brown
  • David Brown
  • David Burgess
  • Leslie and Bill Buschmann
  • Greg Carroll
  • Barbara Carter
  • Patricia Chamings
  • Jeffrey A. Childers
  • Irene and Irving Cohen
  • Sue A. Cole
  • Diane Conrad
  • Connie and Edward Doolan
  • Elizabeth Duerr
  • Lucille B. Duncan
  • Melissa Edwards
  • Howard Eisen
  • Leon Eisen
  • Karla Ekholm
  • Ronald Follas
  • Barbara Freedy and Douglas Lemley
  • Deborah and Carl Gessner
  • William Goddard
  • Hope Gooch
  • Ronnie Grabon
  • Javier Gutierrez
  • Judith and Cyril Harvey
  • Robert Hawkins
  • Camille and Lloyd Higgins
  • Alexander Hooker
  • Deborah and Jim Hooper
  • Joel Horwich
  • Brenda Hubbard
  • Rodna and David Hurewitz
  • Anne Hutchinson
  • Judith Hyman
  • Betsy Johnston
  • Judith A. Jones
  • Dawn and David Kane
  • Dorothy Kearns
  • Chesley A. Kennedy and John Covington Overfield
  • Christopher King
  • Joretta and Bob Klepfer
  • Kris Landrum
  • Rebecca and Michael Latta
  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Carter and Bill Leinster
  • Carol and Seymour Levin
  • Michele and Pat Levy
  • Cathy and Robert Lovejoy
  • Michael Maynard
  • Kaitlyn McCance
  • Ann McCarty and Robert Fried
  • Mary McConnell
  • Doris McGinn
  • Janet McGoldrick
  • Barbara and Leon McKusick
  • Evans McMillion
  • Karen and Peter Meyers
  • Evelyn and Donald Michelle
  • Donna Moran
  • Melinda and Morty Morgenstern
  • Claire Morse
  • Richard Morse
  • Eberhard Mueller-Heubach
  • Cindy and Don Murinson
  • Beverly Naiditch
  • Carole F. Nicholson
  • Gary L. Oakley
  • Linda and Mike O'Briant
  • William Osborne
  • Kathleen Petronella
  • Ruth R. Petty
  • Donna and Pasquale Piegari
  • Nan and Roger Poplin
  • Marlene Pratto
  • Helen Preston
  • Barb and Robert Purdie
  • Maria Puschinsky
  • Cynthia and Sam Reichelson
  • Sherri and Lee Richmond
  • Charles G. Roadhouse
  • Elllen and Hans Roethling
  • Helen T. Rogers
  • Brian T. Rose
  • Ila Rosenthal and Jeffrey Katz
  • Nancy Ryckman
  • Johanna Salzer
  • Ellen and Leonard Samet
  • Deborah and Paul Sasser
  • Rebecca and Richard Saunders
  • Marcia and Brian Schiff
  • Nancy Schmidt and Jim White
  • Phyllis Shavitz
  • Regina P. Sheppard
  • Dan Skidmore
  • Carolyn T. and Norman B. Smith
  • Dan Smith
  • Benita and Charles Staadecker
  • Kenneth Stalberg
  • Steve Stonecypher
  • MaryLou and Glenn Strohl
  • Frank Sutherland
  • Thomas Swenson
  • Kelly Swindell
  • Barbara and Stuart Teichman
  • Lee Templeton
  • Laura and Billy Tesh
  • Jeremy Troxler
  • Kathryn Troxler
  • Diane and Gary Upham
  • Linda and Kenneth Wallmeyer
  • Dr. James M. Walter, Jr.
  • Jacob Warren
  • Karen Weston
  • Gay White
  • Judy and Len White
  • Courtney and Richard Whittington
  • Katy and Glenn Williamson
  • Sandine and Robert Wilson
  • Susan Wilson and Dave Clark
  • Christy Wisuthseriwong
  • Valerie and Karol Wolicki
  • Lynette Wrenn
  • Barbara and Mark Yacovone
  • Maureen and William Yaner
  • Diane and John Younkins

*Gifts processed as of Jun 14, 2021